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Carwoola Landcare Spring Wildflower Walk

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17 Sep 2010 - 9:00am

Wildflower Walk 2008Carwoola has some of the best remnant vegetation in the region; discover what might be on your block ...

Do you know what native plants are growing on your property? Despite years of grazing, the variety of plants on properties in Carwoola can be enormous. Some of these are listed as endangered, others are locally rare, some of our local orchids appear very seldom, some plants look like weeds, while many just have a story to tell. Whatever, understanding the variety of plants helps to understand what makes a habitat for insects, lizards and birds, as well as larger mammals.

Carwoola Landcare will hold its annual Spring Wildflower Walk 2010 on Sunday 17 October. Once again Ros Cornish from the Australian Native Plant Society will guide us through the fantastic local flora and Martin Butterfield from the Canberra Ornithologist Group will provide commentary on the local birdlife.

Meet at the residence at 30 Wanna Wanna Rd, Carwoola at 9am for a walk through the property and parts of the surrounding Cuumbeun Nature Reserve.

See the Carwoola Plants in Flower website maintained by Ros Cornish and John Wilkes for what's flowering now or have a look at the wrap-up from the 2007 Wildflower Walk.

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