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NSW Hobby Farmers Community - Facebook page

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Do you own a small farm or lifestyle block? Are you looking for a social community that provides a network with other hobby farmers? Would you like to learn more about productive and responsible farming?
The new ‘NSW hobby farmers community’ Facebook group provides information on biosecurity, farming in an urban and semi-rural setting and what we can all do to ensure a sustainable farming future. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your own experiences and knowledge and engage and collaborate with other hobby farmers.
The new group is an initiative of the Peri-Urban Biosecurity Program.
About the group
This community is a place for small landholders, hobby farmers and peri-urban stakeholders to share information, interact and collaborate on biosecurity, productivity and plant and animal health.
We will provide information about services, events and training opportunities which can help support farmers:
- keep happy and healthy livestock
- produce profitable and productive plants 
- learn more about being a responsible small landholder / hobby farmer.
We’ll share information about biosecurity and what we can all do to ensure a sustainable farming future by keeping pests and disease off our farms and out of NSW.
The community is an initiative of the Peri-Urban Biosecurity Program, which is a collaboration between NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), Local Land Services (LLS) and our partner organisations. 


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