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Launch of Australia's first Threatened Species Index

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What if we could tell how Australia's threatened species were faring in the same way we can track the stock market or economy?
In collaboration with many partners including Birdlife, the TSR (Threatened Species Research) Hub has now developed Australia's first Threatened Bird Index (TBX).
This unique index is a comprehensive integration of large scale threatened bird population trends in Australia. It is the first of its kind in the world, representing the combined efforts of hundreds of contributors. We intend for the index to become a houshold name in years to come, helping to shape our national discussion on the importance of our threatened biodiversity.
The index will be launched at 6:30pm on Thursday 27 November at the Ecological Society of Australia 2018 Conference in Brisbane. We will also be showcasing our new interactive online tool which allows managers, policy makers and others to interrogate the index and data to focus in on specific bird groups or regions, and understand the trends most relevant to their work.

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