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Introduction to biodynamics - Boorowa

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18 Oct 2018 (All day)
AN INTRODUCTION TO BIODYNAMICS: Grazing, cropping and horticulture
You will learn how the biodynamic preparations contribute to the soil food web creating fertility and balance in your soil with regenerative ecological outcomes.
Biodynamics is a cost effective and personally rewarding method of producing high quality food and fibre. This two day workshop will include:
• The life of the soil
• Creating fertility in your soil with biodynamics
• Managing your natural resources
• Practical application of the biodynamic preparations
• Using the planting calendar to optimise your production
• Developing risk management: Weeds, Pests, Diseases
• Agriculture and horticulture as contributors to environmental health
VENUE: “Hanaminno” Boorowa NSW (Directions will be forwarded with booking acknowledgement)
LOCAL CONTACTS: Charlie Arnott 0412 623 422, Hamish Mackay 0412 862 823
COSTS for 2 DAYS: $330 per person for first time attendees
 $220 per person for previous workshop attendees
 $220 per person for groups of 2 or more from same family or business
 Morning & afternoon teas and lunch will be provided
PAYMENT – please click on the link: https://www.trybooking.com/420477
For this and alternative workshop dates our Website link is http://www.charliearnott.com.au/training.html
BOOKING ENQUIRIES: Jayne Apps 02 6385 3217 marganpc@bdynamic.org
Presented by: Hamish Mackay
Hamish has been working with biodynamics for 45 years and presents biodynamics as a cost effective and enjoyable way to produce high quality food and fibre suitable for human health and well-being; at the same time
improving our environment.
Biodynamics brings together the art and science of agriculture, challenging and stimulating our engagement with life on Earth as part ofthe Cosmos. Biodynamics encompasses a multitude of successful farms, vineyards, orchards, market and home gardens of all shapes and sizes across the world. Biodynamics is also known for improving the nutrition, quality, taste and enjoyment of food.


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