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Managing climate risk in agriculture - Beechworth, VIC

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25 Oct 2018 (All day)
From the back paddock to parliament, everyone’s talking about climate change. What does it mean for agriculture? What are the risks? What can farmers do?
Managing climate risk is now core business, with the future of farming, good food, tens of thousands of livelihoods, and whole communities at stake.
Join producers and industry leaders - as well as scientific, legal, financial, health, market, and technology experts - to better understand the risks, how to manage them, and how agriculture can be climate smart.
The George Kerferd, Oak Avenue Beechworth, Victoria
9.00am to 4.30pm
Cost: $35pp
Keynote speakers
  • Prof Tim Reeves, The University of Melbourne
  • Lucinda Corrigan, Farmers for Climate Action
  • Prof Mark Howden, Australian National University
  • Dr Lynette Bettio, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Sarah Barker, Minter Ellison
Bookings essential, spaces limited! Book your place here: farmersforclimateaction.org.au/climateriskag2018

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