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Volunteer with the Mulloon Institute!

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15 Oct 2018 (All day)
The Mulloon Institute is working to restore the health and vitality of the entire Mulloon catchment through the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project, covering 23,000 ha of land and 50 km of streams.
This spring we'll need hands-on volunteers to help with on-ground works for one or more full days, between 15 October and 1 December 2018. Groups are encouraged to take part too.
Volunteer activities
• planting native seedlings (trees, sedges, grasses, reeds)
• transplanting existing vegetation
• repairing fencing to exclude stock from creek
• mulching and managing weeds
• constructing small scale gully erosion control structures
• building brush contours and habitat piles
• supporting construction of leaky weirs
• taking photos or videos
Contact Kelly Thorburn on 0419 099 894 or kelly@themullooninstitute.org.


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