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Biocontrol of weeds - Spring 2018 update

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AgriFutures Australia, through the Australian Government Rural R&D for Profi t Program, is working with departments of agriculture in NSW, QLD and VIC, and the CSIRO to develop new biocontrol agents to target 10 weed species that are signifi cant on a national level - weeds that are diffi cult to control with current methods and have substantial impacts across agriculture sectors.
The project is a $13 million, five-year project, managed by AgriFutures Australia, which aims to improve the long-term profi tability of primary producers affected by the target weeds through the development of novel biocontrol solutions that will reduce recurrent costs of weed control.
The target weeds are: African boxthorn, cabomba, prickly acacia, sagittaria, silverleaf nightshade, fleabane, sowthistle, mother-of-millions, giant rat’s tail grass and ox-eye daisy.


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