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Changes to kangaroo management

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The NSW Government has introduced changes to help farmers manage the damage caused by kangaroos in the drought conditions.
While landholders still need to apply for a licence to cull kangaroos, carcasses will no longer need to be tagged and left in the paddock and landholders will be able to use the carcass for a range of non-commercial purposes, such as bait meat. There will also be changes to the number of kangaroos that may be culled, with limits now based on property size.
Local Land Services has established a register of licenced commercial harvesters, as well as professional and experienced volunteer shooters who are willing to assist landholders to manage kangaroos. To obtain contact details of a shooter in your region, register your interest here. Once you have registered, a link will be emailed to you with details of registered shooters in your region. That link is automatically updated as new shooters are added.
Landholders can apply for a licence to cull kangaroos by submitting an application form to their nearest office of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) by email, post or in person. If they have previously been granted a licence to harm native animals in NSW within the past few years, they may also be able to apply by calling their nearest NPWS office and providing the required information over the phone. 

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