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AEDA Decision Point No.21 August 2008

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AEDA = Applied Environmental Decisions Analysis

Decision Point is AEDA’s new monthly magazine presenting articles, views and ideas on environmental decision making, biodiversity, conservation planning and monitoring.

In the current issue of Decision Point (#21 - August 2008 – 1.7Mb) you’ll find the following stories:

Accounting for Nature
A proposal for a new national environmental accounts

Conserving biodiversity with market based instruments
Sarah Bekessy discusses why we need to do some serious talking about it

Mixing a little economics into conservation
Josie Carwardine looks at where around Australia you get the most biodiversity benefit from land acquisition and stewardship arrangements

Model weapons in war on weeds
Two studies on where to put your effort in the war on weeds

Making sound decisions at Greening Australia
The challenges of being a science-guided organisation

See: http://www.aeda.edu.au/news

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