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Evergraze Field Day

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An EverGraze Field Day will be held on the 19th October at the Proof Site near Wagga.The field day is for farmers, advisors, NRM staff and all people interested in perennial production systems. EverGraze is developing new grazing systems for the high rainfall zone that will increase profits and improve catchment health. At the field day you will see a large scale grazing study which is investigating sheep production systems based on perennial pastures. You will hear about the economics and production figures for these systems and look at whether summer active perennials (lucerne and chicory) combined with shrubs for shelter can lead to large improvements in weaning percentages.

A light lunch will be provided, please contact Jim on 6942 4957 or jim.meckiff@dpi.nsw.gov.au for more information or to book your place.

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