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Invitation to contribute to new book - 'Landcare Making a Difference'

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Australian Landcare Council
Invitation to make a written contribution to a new book — ‘Landcare Making a Difference’

The Australian Landcare Council has been asked by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Hon Peter McGauran MP, to oversee the publication of a new book celebrating Landcare’s achievements over the last 20 years.

The book will focus on how land managers have made lasting contributions to the management of Australia’s landscapes—‘Landcare Making a Difference’ will be a central theme.

The publication will be a relatively large, ‘glossy-floppy’ coffee-table book, with high-quality photographs. Much of the book will be Landcare stories from around Australia. The lessons learned from Landcare activities will be highlighted.

The publication will be targeted at a broad audience. It will have layers of information so that it will appeal to those who are familiar with Landcare and those who are new to it. There will be references to websites for further information.

The book will be used to promote Landcare to the general public, as well as to members of parliament, local government members, regional natural resource management boards, industry representatives, and potential corporate sponsors.

You are invited to make a written contribution to the book. If you wish to respond, please read the instructions in the accompanying document before preparing your contribution.

Please send your contributions to


by 30 November 2007.

Thank you – the Landcare Council is grateful for your interest in reading this invitation and appreciates that it will take time to put together some material to send.

Please note that your contribution may not necessarily be published—this will depend on the quality of the material and the total number of written responses received. However, material not published in the book may be published at a later time on a DVD or on a website.

Instructions for providing contributions attached.


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