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Soil Organic Matters Field Day - Harden

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24 Oct 2013 - 9:30am

Field Day - Soil Organic Matters

Thursday 24 October, 9.30 -12.30 (sausage sizzle)

CSIRO Long-term Tillage experiment

“Oxton Park”, Harden NSW


CSIRO in collaboration with Harden-Murrumburrah Landcare, NSWDPI and O’Connor family (“Oxton Park”, Harden) invite you to a field day to discuss outcomes of 25 years of field-based research at the long-term tillage/ stubble management site at “Oxton Park” Harden.

Join Dr John Kirkegaard and Dr Clive Kirkby (CSIRO), Dr Mark Conyers (NSWDPI, Wagga), members of Landcare, local farmers and consultants, to discuss effects of tillage and stubble management on crop production and soil carbon sequestration.

How has crop production been influenced by tillage and stubble management?

How has soil carbon changed after 25 years under different soil management?

How can we improve the amount of carbon sequestered in cropping soils?

Will occasional cultivation damage my soil?

Further information & bookings please contact:  Louise Hufton, Natural Resource Officer Murrumbidgee CMA & HMLG        0428 863954  or louise.hufton@cma.nsw.gov.au


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