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Do you have silverleaf nightshade?

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Silverleaf nightshade has really taken off in the district this year following last year's rain and floods. 
A new SLN research project is about to get underway but they need feedback from landholders to show how bad the problem is, so that they can secure the funds from GRDC. 
If you have a silverleaf nightshade problem, could you please take the time to fill out this quick survey (download below) and return it to:
Mary-Anne Lattimore 
District Agronomist 
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Yanco Agricultural Institute, PMB, Yanco NSW 2705   
T: 02 6951 2695   F: 02 69512620   M: 0427 401469 
Even if you have filled a similar one in the past, please complete it as it will be interesting how the situation has changed in recent years. 
Please return surveys by 22nd February
Microsoft Office document icon SLN survey Feb 2013.doc40 KB

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