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Weed Control workshop for women - Gunning

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7 Feb 2013 - 6:00pm

Tussock TamersWhacking Weeds Wonderfully Well for Women

Hosted by Tussock Tamers.
Whatever weed is worrying you, this free, 1 day Taming Your Tussock workshop will help you beat that weed problem effectively and economically.  
This practical and enjoyable workshop will enable you to -
  • Identify weeds like Serrated Tussock with confidence in all seasons;
  • Learn about the numerous methods available to everyone to control weeds, whether your farm is conventional, organic or biodynamic;
  • Manage your land to prevent the weeds’ return;
  • Comply with your legal obligations to control weeds;
  • Make your farm a more satisfying and enjoyable place to be; and
This free, practical workshop will be led by well known rural educator Alison Elvin.  Alison is a farmer and grazier with a wealth of personal experience.  She is also a Serrated Tussock survivor with personal experience of overcoming weed problems.   
When:  The workshop comprises two sessions, from 6pm to 9.30pm, on Thursday 7th February and the second on Thursday 14th February.
Where: St Edmund’s Church Hall, Biala Street, Gunning.
Reserve your place now by phoning Kristen on 4848 0173 or Bob on 4845 8217 or email mary@upperlachlanlandcare.com.au 
Let them know the Lot and DP number of your property when booking so they can prepare an aerial photo of your property for the workshop. 
Partners are welcome too, as are any men wanting to come along by themselves.

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