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NSW Landcare Committee - investigations into health of landcare

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There has been a long history of trying to get the NSW Landcare Committee (NSWLC) to investigate the health of Landcare. There have been many unproductive cycles for this:

  1. An initial consideration of a managed survey by CSU Uni with Forging Partnership money.
  2. Concern by CMAs about this and a proposal for them to report on the health of Landcare
  3. Some recognition that a CMA managed approach was a less than good idea and the idea that the NSWLC may be able to manage its own workshops and questionnaire perhaps with a facilitator. This last idea came with a request for members to suggest the type of questions that could be asked.

I have attached my contribution to this. I am not aware of any other response by members of the committee to this request. Since the first meeting I have tried to push the idea that the most valuable thing the committee could do would be to identify where Landcare has problems and to make suggestions to address these. I cannot say I have had much support for this but I am trying not to let the idea wither away completely.

In arguing for this I have used the work of Murrumbidgee Landcare as an example of both a useful outcome and that the process does not need to be threatening to either Government or the CMAs but I am not sure I am believed.

For your information,
Andrew Bain

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